Entry title: Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day
Date / Time : Tuesday, March 23, 2010 / 4:25 AM
Zomg, this is the best I've ever felt after school during a school-crammed-with-homework season. I think. But confirm one of the best days! :D:D Cos it was

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day! :D

Hahahahaha! :D:D My first free cone day in my life! (haha yeah i know i'm quite pathetic :D) Despite the looooooooooong curly curly maze-like queue we had to queue in, it was really worth it cos
1) I managed to study a teensy bit of ting xie.
2) We had a killer whale of a time! too much smiling induces more mouth cramps though :O

Sigh, but in the end Sandy couldn't join the queue we had queue-d for her. Darn all those people at the sides watching our every move!! Should've said she came back from the toilet or sth...
:( Sandy, we missed you super lots!! :( :( :(

Haiyah, in the end, I still went home to study dreaded ting xie. Though su long is such a nice teacher (he let us watch "Amazon" shows during chinese!! :D:D), I still cain't like ting xie :( Hhahaha I'm starting to crap now. I don't think I will be posting anymore after this, cos O's are getting nearer and nearer!! :O:O Oh oh ohhhhh. At least this friday no science test, can RELAX! :D

Happy happy post ;)

Entry title: march holiesssss!
Date / Time : Thursday, March 18, 2010 / 3:33 AM
Hey fellows!

I've just realised I haven't posted for quite a while :/ must at least post once during march hols! Anywayyy nothing much has happened. Except MEP Prac, which was ok. (someone got 58 ahh..tsktsk.) and hmm, PPR (screwed) and ohya. SUPER CRAMPS DAY!

It was horrid, I tell you. You don't need to know the details but just know that I was one hour late for band due to that. Darn, see I still have the responsibilty to go for cca! Please ah (refering to a certain person) COME FOR PRAC OK. SHE MISSES YOU ALOT.

Btw, Sandy! Your blogskin is awesome nice! I wanna change blogskin too man... ):

Oh oh oh I miss the times when holidays really meant that we were able to relax and grow fat from watching TV :( Now whenever I try to do that, I have this guilty feeling that increases as the days go by. So in other words, ONE WEEK AIN'T ENOUGH! We need many more days of relaxing!! We want Freedom!! *freedom!* Freedom!! *freedom!*

Ok enough. Geez I'm going mad again! Must be the increase in hormones. Too much oestrogen! Or is it progesterone o.O

Bye bye for now. We shall see if this unproclaimed hiatus remains till after O's. :)

Entry title: Memoirs of a Ning
Date / Time : Thursday, February 18, 2010 / 4:07 AM
The pace of school homework and tests (esp) are picking up...

pick up-ing, picking up, pick up gahhhh

poptropica's equivalent is making my stressful moments stress-free~~

i have finally broke the tests record! five tests to sit for in four days! maybe next time i won't even bother to count the number of tests...

oh what a beautiful mornin'...

oh what a bleak future~~~

Entry title: Happy saturday-ing~~
Date / Time : Friday, February 5, 2010 / 9:58 PM
Omg...I just have this sudden urge to play Noah's Ark over and over again on my phone. Isn't it just so cool and happy and fun and cute to play! And it's gonna be our NBC, probable SYF and Jubilate song! So coooolioz! I must say, it sounds even nicer than Jericho! :D

and and and I think I'm once again addicted to "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus. Hahaha I think some peeps feel that it ain't such a nice song...but it is!

poor judd is daid~~~~~~

since we have a background test on monday for mep~~~~~

oh and Fellow underground stems, fruits and vegetables! WE NEED TO REVIVE OUR FARM BLOG (before we get too busy even to breathe properly)! 8D

Entry title: ranting like some bull or random animal
Date / Time : Tuesday, January 5, 2010 / 2:13 AM
Forgive me rants. I can't help but fa xie my stress. Don't read if you hate people complaining or anything. I'm just confused/weirdly angry/blahblah ): OH I know, I feel...emo. Hahhaha.

How you tell me? How?!

You think we geniuses or sth ah...prodigies? I can't sight read fast enough in 3 months man! And to use those pieces for O's and no changes? Five in 3 months? FIVE?

How maly moly moly how........................................

I need those smelling salts that Laurey had from Oklahoma. I need to make the correct decision man. I need I need I need. Aiyahhhh why can't life be a easy straightforward happy thing. Ohya then life would be pointless.

Stuff like these are part and parcel of life. One day when I'm 80, I'll go "ha ha ha sec four so easy. wait till you start working man." No wonder people have mid-life crisis(es).

This blog should be privatized then deleted ): so annoying man. complain to the whole world.

Entry title: Grrr
Date / Time : Friday, December 4, 2009 / 5:45 PM
What in the world is wrong with you.

I could easily write out an essay about your friggin habits, but who in the right mind would waste such precious time on you?

Entry title: Escape Theme Park
Date / Time : Thursday, November 26, 2009 / 4:50 AM
Escape theme park was rather boring. The rides which were labelled "thrilling" were not. And those which were labelled as "Family Rides" were rather small. The only rollercoaster there was so short that the ride operator had to make it go twice to make it seem complete and worthwhile. My facial expression was : most of the time. The most

DARN. I should really stop it right now. I find all the horrid stuff then bring it out to complain.

-tries to think positive-

...at least the food was good? :D

Great. I'm turning into zhangdi.

Farmer Ning :D
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